Sunday, January 14, 2007

K-Pax, Anarchism as a dominant Sci-Fi meme.

Last night I watched with the movie K-PAX with Kevin Spacey (fantastic)
and Jeff Bridges (idiot). It's a pseudo sci/fi flick with Spacey playing
a psychiatric patient who believes himself to be from the planet K-PAX -
this delusion being caused by a typically American "Trigger" moment of
violent rape and murder at some point in his past.

The interesting thing about this generally good-but-mediocre movie is
the essentially anarchist principle which is explained to be at the
heart of K-PAX society. There are no governments, no laws, no police
"These things are a non-sequitor" explains Spacey, they are unnecessary.
This theme is also at the heart of Iain M. Banks' book "The Algebraist",
the most "alien" of the extra terrestrials being the multitudinous
inhabitants of the universe's gas giants. These beings also live
essentially anarchist lives, using mutual aid, free association and a
kudos-based equivalent for money as their basis for societal wealth

Now there is nothing wrong in portraying alien societies to be
anarchist, indeed the trick of projecting the best and worst of human
characteristics in a grotesquely accentuated way onto an alien alter-ego
is at the heart of off-world science fiction. In many ways we can see
that the continued use of anarchism as the projected future-vision
Utopia is a ray of light, as long as the meme of anarchism as Utopia is
being propagated there will remain a realistic chance of anarchism
becoming the dominant cultural and socio-economical ideal.

I would like to recommend to these authors and plot writers that they
take the bull by the horns and start to use the term "anarchism" to
describe a positive Utopia, its time to promote anarchism, its time to
gain some traction.

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